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Legal aid from law firm the Legal Home in Kiev and near around. Necessity of legal help for a foreigner in Ukraine speaks for herself! In general, we work in the field of real estate, but we have an individual approach to each client. If you need legal help or legal assistance and have questions, problems, tasks in the field of migration law, tax law, family law, land law, labor law, civil law, commercial law - you can contact us and get professional legal services from a lawyer in Kyiv. We are guarantee full confidentiality with legal support.

 We provide the following list of legal services: 

1) Written legal consultation / not written legal advice / online legal advice with a Ukrainian lawyer

2) Written verification of counterparties or other parties to the contract

3) Analysis of contractual conditions and risk assessment- only written

4) Assistance in signing the contract - only after analysis the contract

5) Registration of business, complete legalization of unlisted commercial activity, сopyright protection in Ukraine, representation of business interests in Ukraine

6) Other services whot needed for our clients

Our legal help you need, if you want have official business or you sell, buy, leasel: office, apartment, house, car, other machinery or real estate. We have a simple and clear order of service provision, you always get a 100% result.

For general development: The Ukrainian legal system belongs to the School of Romano-German School of Law.The essence of which is to foresee future behavior by the legislator.The main source of law is this, in legal force: the Constitution of Ukraine, ratified international legal agreements (the Convention on Human Rights and Citizens, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, etc.), subordinate legal acts subordinate normative legal acts (decrees, orders, decrees, instructions). The judicial precedent as a source of law also exists, but it is also limited to the direct precedents in Ukraine: generalization of judicial practice by the Supreme Court and the higher specialized courts, decision of the European Court of Human Rights and citizen. One of the peculiarities of the Ukrainian legal system is that it has two similar names in the field of law 1) administrative law: the right to administrative offenses, that is, minor offenses that are not criminal; 2) Administrative justice, violation of the law by the subject of authority: by the state, by the Ministry of the Interior, by departments and other bodies, institutions, organizations.

The following forms of legal proceedings are distinguished: constitutional, criminal, civil, economic, administrative and administrative offenses. Also, courts have their own jurisdiction: the first (local courts: district, inter-district, city), appellate (regional courts, specially created), cassation (higher specialized courts, chambers of the supreme court). A separate court is the Constitutional Court of Ukraine, which interprets the constitution, laws. Filing an application to the European Court of Human Rights and Citizen is possible only if all court instances in Ukraine are passed.

Article 63 of the Constitution of Ukraine, the right not to testify against oneself or close relatives, and this right is enshrined in the 5th amendment of the Constitution of the United States gives an important right.

Each branch of law has its own presumption of guilt, rightness, innocence. For example: the victim of innocence of a person is enshrined in criminal law, the guilty person is considered after the conviction of the court, the duty to prove guilty is enshrined in the state, it can especially refuse to testify against oneself or close relatives; when applying to the ECHR and administrative law, where the defendant is a subject of authority, the burden of proof in the court proceeding is secured by the state; in civil law there is a charge of the respondent's fault, if the plaintiff has filed the lawsuit in the prescribed form and time, the corresponding content, the burden of proof lies with the defendant. In general, suitably executed statements of claim in the economic, civil, administrative proceedings, cause the prosecution of the defendant's fault and impose the burden of proof on him.

The sphere of legal relationships is the most civic law, which includes: inherited law, obligatory, corporate law, intellectual property, contractual law. Any act aimed at the acquisition, termination, change of civil rights and obligations is a Jurustic ACT. At the same time, any agreements, contracts, purchases, sales, leases, gifts, wills, loans, hire - Jurustic ACT. In accordance with Article 203 of the Civil Code, a LAW ACT has signs of legality: 1) The Jurustic ACT content may not contradict this Code, other acts of civil law and the interests of the state and society, their moral rules 2) The person who is doing Jurustic ACT must have the appropriate amount of civil rights 3) The display of external will must coincide with the internal will 4) Jurustic ACT must do in the appropriate form 5) Jurustic ACT should be aimed at real consequences, not be fictitious 6) Jurustic ACT that committed by parents, adopters, representatives can not contradict ineterejs dependent persons.

In accordance with Article 15 § 1 of the Civil Procedure Code courts are dealing with cases concerning: civil, residential, land, family, labor relations.

Ukraine is a legal state with the established practice of criminal law. Detention of a suspect may extend to 72 hours. Thereafter, a preventive measure may be applied to a suspect: a personal obligation, a personal guarantee, a house arrest, a pledge, a detention. A foreigner has the same rights and obligations as a citizen of Ukraine in a criminal proceeding. However, the use of domestic arrest as a substitute for remand in custody can not take place- because the foreigner does not have stable social ties in the territory of Ukraine and permanent place of work and residence.Significant indications of a criminal misdemeanor or crime: significant harm and socially dangerous consequences, as provided for in paragraph 2 of Article 11 of the Criminal Code. The essence of which is disclosed by special laws and other normative-legal acts. In general, criminal acts are divided into two groups: crimes and criminal misconduct. Many factors influence the qualification of a crime, the verdict of the court, the number of aggravating features is limited and mitigating is not limited, that is, the legal field for protection wider than for the prosecution

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