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Each service has its own order, which defines the duration, complexity, necessity.

1. Consultation may be oral or not. If you want know specific rules, links to laws, codes, articles, court decision and if you need more detail advice, or you have difficult questions you must order a written consultation! Oral advice can be from half an hour to 1 hour. Before the meeting, you must inform the subject of the consultation.

2. Checking side in contract cannot be without analysis contractual conditions. Written verification of contractors or other parties includes: legal presence of the seller of the product or object, check in the state registers of the Ministry of Justice, check in state court registers, check in the tax service and conclusion. Analysis contract includes analysis: compliance with the law, the number of non-standard rights and obligations, possibility of termination, sanctions on the parties if violation contract condition. Help in signing a contract it is finish step!

3. Registration of business in Ukraine it is not short way. You need to choose a business registration model: a legal entity or individual. Know the business activities of this business. Number of employees. Estimated revenue for the year. System and group the taxation. Obtaining licenses and certificates.