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First you need to understand what kind of legal aid you need- it's oral advise, only when meeting. The next step is to arrange an agreement, this may be as a contract (1 copy of Ukr and 1 Eng for you) for the provision of legal services . Payment is made both in parts and in full size. If this is a receipt, then in full amount, if the contract is in two parts, but if the service contract is used, then the amount of services will be increased, since it will be necessary to pay taxes. Also if it registration business, need make a notarial power of attorney. In turn, in order to make a notarial power of attorney, you need to get a tax number in the TAX SERVICE OF UKRAINE, and before contact to a notary or embassy of your country for transfer the passport of your country of residence to the Ukrainian language

Oriented price: oral advice / written advice    20-40 $ / 80 $

                      written verification of contractors or other parties 80-120$ 

                      analysis of contractual conditions and risk assessment 80-120$ 

                      assistance in signing the contract 40-80$

                      registration of business 600-1000$

We always working with true price and in the time frame, we find an individual approach to each client, we can always arrange a meeting both in the office and in another convenient place for you.